Kryber Is My Love

Hi Kryber, long time no see! ;__;

Hi Kryber, long time no see! ;__;

Anonymous said: Do you think Electric Shock era was just a fan service?

All they did on stage were fanservice.

Anonymous said: what is your favorite kryber moments throughout the years,and which year and era you think they sweetest bc you know kryber famous about push and pull.

I love all of their moments but if I have to choose, I’ll choose this cute, right? ^___^

And about the sweetest era? I think it’s Electric Shock. I love their moments in 2012 the most. :) How about you? kk

140124 Kryber - LOVCAT Fansign Part 2

140124 Kryber - LOVCAT Fansign Part 1

131231 Kryber @ HNTV New year gala
My Kryber….T^T

131231 Kryber @ HNTV New year gala

My Kryber….T^T

Anonymous said: I looked at your posts and everything, I loved all of it. I was wondering can we be friends in like twitter maybe? Cause I am an hardcore shipper as well, like a have them all over my room, my notebook, my bag, my things, even in my fanfics. :)

Of course! Give me your twitter, I’ll follow you. ^___^

Anonymous said: Hey! thanks for answering my question and providing a photo regarding of amber and jessica hehe you're awesome, keep it up! :)

Haha you’re welcome! And thank you for supporting me! Just ask me anything you want, okay? ^_^

Anonymous said: Hello :) just want to know if Amber is really scared of jessica? And also i haven't seen a video that they had an interaction. Or maybe im not good enough in searching vids kk. By any chance do you have a vid that they had talk or whatsoever?

I cant find any vid too but sth like this? XD I think Amber really is scared of Jessica, they always avoid each other on stage and I dont know why. LOL Okay, I lied. Maybe it’s because Jessica is overprotective of her baby sis so….yeah… XD

Ah cute T^T